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Core Discovery

We get to know the leadership team’s vision, your internal culture, your revenue team’s history, tech stack, and more. Once we understand your business, we can ensure that your goals are realistic and attainable and start crafting a plan to achieve them.

Brand Auditing

How well aligned is your brand with your core ethos? As organizations grow, it’s common to lose consistency in brand message, core vision, and team alignment. We’ll audit your brand, messaging, design, website, and more.

Revenue Architecture

Next, we explore your existing revenue infrastructure, including your CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement tools, business intelligence suite, and more. How clean is your data? How empowered are your teams? What improvements are needed for your stack in order to scale the pipeline? We provide comprehensive technical auditing.

Demand Generation

Now, we’re ready to audit your campaigns and outbound demand generation strategies. We’ll review what platforms you’re using, how well you’re using them, and where you might find additional opportunities. You’ll get valuable insights from our experts in paid media, SEO, email marketing, and more

Blueprint & Team Alignment

Our teams have now performed individual interviews and technical audits. At this point, we understand the nuances of your business and can draw patterns and conclusions. We produce a comprehensive blueprint document that includes itemized and prioritized recommendations, including timelines and resource requirements. Then, we work with you to create an action-ready alignment plan to get all teams on board and ready to work.