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Digital Reach’s integrated approach helps make Chainalysis known as the industry leader in blockchain analytics.

As the use of cryptocurrency continues to grow, so does the need for awareness and education of the many use cases of blockchain analysis. Chainalysis is revolutionizing the blockchain analytics industry, and they needed a partner who could keep up. Enter Digital Reach.

“DRA has been an invaluable partner to me and my team for several years, and even across different companies. They have consistently demonstrated their commitment to our success by providing expert strategy and execution across various marketing domains, including Paid Media, SEO, Chat, ABM, Creative, and more. What sets them apart is their flexibility to workshop through new strategies and ability to integrate with our team. I wholeheartedly recommend DRA to anyone in search of a trusted and reliable marketing partner.”

The results

Digital Reach’s paid media strategy successfully increased visibility among target accounts, allowing customized messaging based on specific use cases or industries. This approach saw a significant increase in qualified leads, opportunities, and influenced revenue validating the effectiveness of Digital Reach’s strategic recommendations. Digital Reach’s fully integrated approach continues to help solidify Chainalysis as the blockchain analysis solution of choice.

increase in meetings with qualified opportunities YoY
increase in LinkedIn influenced revenue QoQ
paid social engagements attributed to opportunities
in opportunities with LinkedIn engagement

The challenge

Although Chainalysis is an industry leader, blockchain analysis technology is new and ever-evolving. Chainalysis had to differentiate itself from its competitors and capture demand, all while educating their target audience on the different use-cases for their products.

The solution

Digital Reach’s mission was to create an integrated digital marketing strategy that would increase Chainalysis’ visibility, educate their target audiences across multiple industries, and maximize paid media performance. Digital Reach developed a strategic media plan to help Chainalysis harness the unique benefits of each paid media platform.

The method

Digital Reach began by mapping out a cross-platform campaign structure spanning the entire funnel and tailored to the strengths of various paid media platforms, prioritizing high-value actions. DRA’s SEO and Paid Media teams collaborated to ensure comprehensive coverage and keyword optimization.
Subsequently, Digital Reach revamped Chainalysis’ paid social strategy, emphasizing reach and thought leadership, while driving high-value actions from the target audience. Digital Reach then developed ad creative that drove visibility among target accounts and allowed customized messaging based on specific use cases or industries.