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Engage and convert leads when the iron is still hot

Leverage the power of sophisticated and intuitive email campaigns that keep your audience engaged, educated, and – most importantly – qualified. Make the most of every visit on your site and every level of conversion intent.

Custom Email Sequences

Build customized email sequences that drive action. Our email strategy and copywriting approach doesn’t just promote your latest news, it educates and nurtures valuable leads. We customize each sequence to your target audience’s pain points to provide value that drives conversion (and closes).

Adaptive Workflows

Create workflows that cater to the different needs of your audience. At the end of the day, even in the B2B space, your email campaigns are meant to connect and communicate with your audience. Making sure you’re listening to what they want is key to creating an adaptive workflow that speaks to their needs and pain points, and shows your authority in solving them.

Segmented Intent Triggers

Different inbound traffic sources means different levels of intent. Creating segmented workflow triggers that launch different sequences based on these different intents helps further customize your email strategy for a more targeted approach. Speak directly to what your audience – and your customers – want most.

Business Intelligence

Attribute email marketing data to pipeline revenue and show real-time business intelligence reports to key stakeholders. Learn which conversion points are driving the most actually closed revenue and where you can improve your systems based on tangible ROI.

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Here’s where email nurture fits into pipeline generation.

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