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Crushing LinkedIn ad benchmarks with engaging 30s, 15s, and 6s explainer videos

BreakNice Video

In diving into our collaboration with Breaknice, we faced a unique challenge. We found ourselves grappling with the hurdle of shining a spotlight on a unique B2B retailer of team-building and icebreaker activities—something transformative, yet not always immediately sought after. Identifying a crucial gap in their brand strategy, we realized Breaknice lacked a key ingredient: a compelling explainer video. Without it, their potential to educate an unaware audience about the profound impact of team building activities that bridged gaps in workplaces remained untapped. The existing video, though well-intentioned, was surface-level and lacked the emotional touch needed for a genuine connection with their audience. Undeterred, we set out to create a storytelling-style explainer video that would not only showcase Breaknice’s products but also forge a deeper, emotional connection with viewers.

Our strategic pivot resulted in more than just charts and graphs—it led to tangible successes that felt like milestones. We created three cutdowns of our full-length explainer video for inclusion in BreakNice LinkedIn ad campaigns. The subsequent LinkedIn video campaigns, especially the 6-second versions, achieved CTRs that danced above the average LinkedIn video ad benchmark of 0.25%, achieving rates that ranged between 0.40% and 0.61%. Through the creation of both the 30-second and 15-second versions, we aimed not just to showcase Breaknice’s offerings but to weave a narrative that resonates. These videos yielded impressive engagement metrics, consistently outperforming industry expectations.

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