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Making the Zignal Labs website a strong sales tool

Zignal Labs Website

Zignal Labs technology, known for being cutting-edge and trusted by the world’s largest organizations, lacked a digital experience that communicated its value. The former website was difficult to navigate and missed the mark at both presenting the best value propositions to its visitors and positioning Zignal Labs as an industry leader. As such, major sales opportunities were lost due to poor brand trust when visitors landed on the Zignal site.

DRA formalized a winning strategy and brought it to life by incorporating and combining new brand elements with bespoke design. The new site was created to be adept at wowing and engaging the user through well-crafted visual storylines and easy-to-use navigation, leveling up user experience throughout the site. From a home page hero video that aligned with users’ industries to an interactive platform animation that helped better explain a sometimes challenging product for users to quickly comprehend the new site was equipped with elements that pushed users further towards conversion.

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