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Webinar: ABM means Advocate-Based Marketing

ABM means Advocate-Based Marketing

OCTOBER 26 | 11:00 AM PST | 1 HOUR | ABM

What we’ll cover

How to build an advocacy engagement program.

Learn the tactics and strategies that will help turn your advocates into net-new opportunities.

How to integrate net promoter scores.

A high NPS score provides insights into repeat customers, better forecasting, even employee satisfaction.

Building strong RevOps for advocacy.

We’ll share how a RevOps system can better promote brand advocacy and discuss the criteria you’ll want to consider.

What you’ll learn

Advocacy means revenue.

How to leverage word-of-mouth and long term loyalty to drive new business.

Making NPS part of your culture.

High NPS and CSAT scores mean you can kick brand advocacy into high gear. Low scores indicate an opportunity to build an emotional bridge to your brand.

Build systems to support advocacy.

With proper data architecture and hygiene, you can make all types of advocate info become actionable.

Know the top advocacy tools.

Personal interface, direct mail, and demonstrations are just a few ways to build your brand for the long-term.

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