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Crafting the content and the user experience of a mobile-first market

AdRoll is an e-commerce marketing platform – built on a foundation of performance advertising and powered by machine learning – that makes it easy and affordable for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to deliver the cross-channel experiences consumers expect. Digital Reach helped expand their content on new products being released in order to take up new keyword rankings while also optimizing AdRoll’s new content for mobile.

“Digital Reach Agency played a critical role in solving a lot of challenges during our AMP implementation. Since the launch, we started seeing our mobile bounce rate decline and it was lower than the desktop bounce rate since July.”

The results

The mobile optimization rolled out across AdRoll’s expanded blog presence led to a significant improvement in both SEO and CRO. The mobile optimization implementation dropped bounce rates by over 6% and decreased load speed by over 3 seconds. This, when coupled with the increase in organic traffic from the content expansion, led to a significant improvement in user experience that compounded the organic growth.

decrease in bounce rate
3 sec
decrease in mobile load speed

8 publications / month for 12 months

Multiple new page 1 ranking keywords


The challenge

AdRoll was dealing with a side effect of traffic growth to their blog – high bounce rate. With Google’s search algorithm increasingly emphasizing a website’s mobile performance and user experience, AdRoll decided to partner with Digital Reach to improve their blog’s mobile experience.

The solution

Digital Reach knew that Google’s trends were shifting towards mobile optimization, and not slowing down anytime soon. It was now necessary to adapt AdRoll’s content strategy and site experience to spread awareness of AdRoll’s new product lines to a mobile first audience. DRA leveraged a multi-layered SEO approach and sophisticated Web Development to both increase organic visibility while decreasing bounce rates.

The method

After DRA successfully advised and implementing mobile optimization for AdRoll’s blog, they scaled out AdRoll’s content strategy with net new content. Digital Reach created a massive content calendar for AdRoll focused on competitive gaps and content clusters, layered in with advertising seed keywords to help AdRoll take up multiple placements on high-value SERPs with both paid and organic listings.

PLG content strategy

Digital Reach focused the content strategy on both keyword opportunities from their competitive analysis and the new product releases from AdRoll to both maximize existing market opportunity and generate new demand.

Mobile-optimized user experience

In April 2020, after months of preparation and testing, Digital Reach launched AdRoll’s mobile optimized blog in alignment with their expanded content strategy.