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New branding embodies enterprise-level strategy and optimal performance

Digital Reach is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in data-driven strategy for ABM, PLG, and Demand Gen sales motions. With a robust track record of serving some of the biggest names in the industry for over 10 years, we were ready to evolve our brand to better represent our team as an elite extension of our client’s teams. As we’ve grown, so have our clients. In recent years, we’ve attracted more enterprise-level clients and felt it was time to level up our branding with a bold identity that epitomizes our people-centered professionalism and expertise.

“This is pretty amazing what our team was able to do in a collaborative effort to create something so professional and elite. It really does make our old site look like it was designed with crayons (but you know, in a good way). It definitely provides a greater sense of confidence going to conferences etc with this representing us.”

The results

We are damn proud of the new brand. It embodies the spirit of our trailblazing agency that prioritizes people, embraces challenges, and approaches marketing with a fearless, data-driven mindset. In addition to increased on-site performance, the greatest wins have been the intangibles that come from the elevation of our entire brand and company with this new redesign. With both net new logos, we’ve been able to take up a stronger foothold in enterprise-level conversations and extend partnerships with existing clients who have contemplated their agency relationship in the state of the current market.

increase in views per user
increase in views
increase in average engagement time per session
increase in average engagement time

The challenge

Our previous brand was playful and youthful, designed to appeal to our early-stage, series-A clients. However, we felt it could be a disqualifier for the enterprise-level brands we began to attract and serve. We needed a brand that would represent our positioning as the B2B enterprise’s go-to problem solvers and premium digital marketers. We wanted to show the strength and strategic resilience of an agency that has not only stood the test of time but continues to thrive and support our clients to reach the unachievable.

The solution

The new brand was developed through a collaborative process that involved all levels of the Digital Reach team, from individual creative team members all the way to the C-suite. This resulted in a refreshed brand that is bold, raw, and unfiltered but still retains our fearlessly creative spirit. Our approach was to visualize our instinct to investigate and integrate different strategies and landed on the concept of “shapes”. The reimagined identity is completely aligned with the Digital Reach legacy and its progressive future, fusing together remarkable partnerships and tangible results.

Website before

Website after

The method

We worked with our internal creative team to develop a new brand that would appeal to our enterprise-level clients while maintaining our approachability. It was important to steer clear of sterile B2B branding and instead gather inspiration from elite consulting agencies. This allowed our offers and strategic processes to guide our brand concepts and decisions.

The team collaborated by brainstorming a variety of concepts and ideas, creating mood boards and prototypes, and exploring different design concepts. After multiple iterations, the shapes and grid concept was finalized and development plans were underway.

When it was time to roll out the refreshed site, it was important not to disrupt the user experience, and instead optimize it. We landed on a three-phase unveil:

A temporary branded brochure website and social media assets.

Beginning with a comprehensive UX audit and site architecture optimization based on the findings and the new branding. A complete site transfer followed and went smoothly due to the brochure website in Phase 1. We then launched a multi-media marketing campaign including content, video, paid ads, email, chat, and SEO optimization.

The final phase is still in development, where our team is building a cutting-edge resource hub to showcase new thought leadership at Digital Reach. This includes customized service lines, score calculators, and more. This is set to launch in {month | year}.