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Hitting a classic Google Search homerun

After certain failed attempts at generating significant return from other paid channels, ReadMe looked to reactivate their Google search strategy with a more sophisticated approach to audience targeting and keyword research. Digital Reach was brought on to not only guide and build this campaign, but also help with strategic goal setting and lead qualifications for a unique, split, self-selection sales cycle.

“Digital Reach has been an integral partner to our growth marketing strategy... I talked to a handful of agencies when making our selection and DRA was the only one that I felt like could help us get off the ground initially AND scale over time.”

The results

In the first 2 years with Digital Reach, ReadMe doubled qualified lead volume while maintaining metrics down-funnel (i.e. lead quality, MQL:SQL ratio, etc). Effectively doubling ReadMe’s pipeline was only the tip of the iceberg for Digital Reach, as they also generated double digit numbers in self-selected conversions as well as 8 target account opportunities. The results go to show that sophistication in Google Ads doesn’t always mean complexity, but a succinct understanding of where your offer and your audience intersect.

self-select customers
target opportunities
increase in pipeline

The challenge

ReadMe was struggling to generate qualified leads due to their split audience of individual and academic use-cases. They not only lacked a significant, competitive presence in the market, but also were unclear whether their offer resonated with their target audience. Digital Reach was brought on to provide strategic guidance on Creative and Development needs as well as execute on an ROI-driven paid search strategy.

The solution

Digital Reach created a self-selecting conversion to help segment ReadMe’s audience and implemented creative to adopt the user experience. Digital Reach also managed the development and implementation of these landing pages. Then, they split ReadMe’s paid search strategy into a threefold Google campaign of branded, non-branded, and competitor traffic to cover all the bases. Having Digital Reach craft ad strategy, copy, and creative, allowed for a cohesive brand experience with huge success.

The method

By dividing paid campaigns into branded, non-branded, and competitor campaigns, Digital Reach was able to optimize their search spend on a more granular level while also controlling the user experience to help segment ReadMe’s two distinct audience bases. This made creating matching ad copy that aligned a more natural and efficient process.