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How Model N’s new website led to 23% organic growth

Model N came to Digital Reach needing significant growth in traffic and MQLs, and an improved user experience throughout their site. Facing limited internal resources and bandwidth, they needed help constructing strategies that would yield significant results and assistance implementing those strategies.

“Digital Reach has quickly become instrumental to our Demand-Gen team’s success. They’re committed, trustworthy, and knowledgeable digital marketing experts. I’d highly recommend Digital Reach to any organization looking to grow with a partner they can depend on.”

The results

increase in organic
site traffic
increase in unique
page views

Our method

  • Recrafted site architecture, keyword placement, and signaling to search engines.
  • Performed deep keyword research, evaluating current traction, keyword difficulty, and monthly search volume.
  • Mapped keyword themes to target URLs.
  • Dramatically improved UX and drove lift in KPI metrics.