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Igniting Zignal’s authority with brand transformation and website redesign

Zignal, a leading technology company in the data analytics industry, empowers businesses with real-time insights and intelligence solutions. In a competitive market, establishing authority and attracting clients is crucial, and Zignal’s team felt that they needed a new brand identity (and site) that provided a state-of-the-art product that positioned them as the preferred solution for their ideal customer profile (ICP).

“Our co-founder said it's the best website we've had in our 11 year history. This is the kind of site that will get us the same trillion dollar valuation as Palantir. Which is SO TRUE. All of the attention to detail, every step of the process, reviewing and agreeing to individual assets prior to the entire site being complete made for a very smooth review process.”

The results

The brand transformation and visually striking website established Zignal’s authority in the industry to where even their own C-suite was blown away with the final product. Both positioning and performance have skyrocketed since the site launch and, because of the Brand Aid setup, the transition between the old and new site couldn’t have gone smoother. Zignal has also continued on to implement Digital Reach’s brand guidelines across their entire marketing strategy and social media presence. In the end, Digital Reach was able to both understand Zignal’s enterprise vision and present it in an innovative and divergent manner that speaks to the level of excellence to expect from Zignal.

Improvement in 
bounce rate

The website 
was built using a headless CMS which established an easily scalable website

The challenge

Zignal faced a significant challenge – their existing website lacked authority and failed to position them as the industry powerhouse that they were. Not only that, their old site was actually disqualifying them from new opportunities in a space they actually dominated. This became a hindrance when pursuing large government bids, as the outdated site didn’t convey their capabilities or authoritative expertise effectively.

The solution

Zignal recognized the need for a brand transformation and a cutting-edge website that would inspire confidence and differentiate them from the competition. After an initial fumble with their first agency, Digital Reach took on the task of managing Zignal’s rebrand and website redesign. Starting with a comprehensive brand strategy, Digital Reach crafted a new identity for Zignal that reflected their expertise and professionalism. The brand strategy encompassed a fresh logo, a captivating color palette, engaging imagery, modern graphics and animation, compelling typography, and even integrated web development elements. The aim was to create a visually stunning website that would not only attract attention but also generate FOMO and jealousy among Zignal’s clients.

Logo before

Logo after

Brand standards

The method

Digital Reach executed the project in two phases.

In Phase 1, we implemented what we called a Brand Aid, incorporating the new brand elements onto the existing site. This allowed Zignal to establish a market presence and still maintain their current traffic, all while the new website was being developed.

Phase 2 involved developing site designs through a collaborative approach. Digital Reach began with mood boards, seeking client buy-in on the overall look and feel. Wireframing the entire site followed, ensuring the formatting, structure, content, and user flow aligned with Zignal’s goal of being perceived as thought leaders. This included an extensive approval process of how we presented Zignal’s content in order to optimize the user experience for education and conversion.

Website homepage before

Website homepage Brand Aid

Website homepage after

We then developed mockups in Figma and began working with our developer team to integrate advanced, interactive animations to visually position Zignal as the highest authority in the industry. Overall, the brand move was to go for an absolute “wow” experience to reflect the exceptional service and brand that Zignal truly is, and we wanted to do so without relying solely on text.