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Using an optimized SEM strategy and data-driven insights to thrive in the competitive employee recognition space.

Awards Network helps companies implement their employee rewards and recognition programs. This project was a unique case because they didn’t want, or need, a strategic overhaul to see improved performance. Instead, we helped them work with what they have, and offered a new approach to get the positive results they were after.

Every person on DRA's team, especially Ashley and Isaac, have surpassed our expectations! We appreciate everyone's diligence, passion, and drive to learn more about our company's needs. DRA's ideas and solutions have put us on a path to success!

The results

With the help of Digital Reach’s guidance and management on strategic keyword categories, Awards Network saw a lift in lead quality, lead volume, and reduced cost per qualified lead period-over-period.

increase in CTR
increase in conversion rate
total qualified leads generated
cost per qualified lead

The challenge

The challenge was on our side. The nature of Award Network’s business is very niche, and for us to deliver the results required, we needed to understand the nuances of the industry to learn about their products to truly optimize the keyword categories.

The solution

DRA shifted campaigns within the account from a broader keyword ecosystem to a much narrower keyword ecosystem, focusing budget allocation on specific keywords with high intent and proven historical performance over time.

The method

DRA worked with the client to maximize keyword alignment to ad copy. Through frequent discussions assisted by analysis and granular reporting, (reports such as competitor analysis, geographic performance, keyword performance, ads, and extensions, and audience targeting) Digital Reach was able to have productive conversations with the client to understand the landscape and identify necessary changes.