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Creating an ABM architecture for a cloud computing technology leader.

VMWare provides virtualization software, which enables more efficient utilization of computer hardware and gives a greater return on an organization’s hardware investment. It also enables cloud providers to serve more users with their existing physical computer hardware. Our ABM and Paid Media teams worked together to help them make VMWare’s marketing efforts more effective.

“The Digital Reach team (DRA) is world-class in process design. The DRA team creates innovative solution sets, maximizing our ABX agility and program efficiency. They have a unique ability to simplify complexity in an efficient and effective way. And are always providing our team with insightful expertise!”

The results

By creating an integrated ABM structure and a Business Intelligence dashboard with real-time results, DRA helped VMware Tanzu better understand account action and engagement. These insights allowed VMware Tanzu to better strategize methods to move users through the funnel and more effectively nurture key target accounts.


The value came from the partnership and the prep work and pre-work as strategic partners in rolling out ABM models (KPIs, scoring, and more). That brainstorming process helped us arrive at the initial conclusions that we need to arrive at to launch. Since then, Tanzu has become subject matter experts, but DRA helped get the program off the ground.

The challenge

VMware Tanzu needed deeper insights into their marketing funnel to understand where accounts were in the user journey, what products and content they were engaging with, and how to best convert them to opportunities. They also wanted to use this data to better inform their demand generation strategy.

The solution

Leveraging data from DemandbaseOne (DB1), DRA developed a bespoke Business Intelligence dashboard to help VMware Tanzu better understand behavior from accounts in their pipeline and inform their larger ABM strategy.

The method

DRA met with VMware Tanzu key stakeholders to understand the actions across all marketing channels and what types of engagement drove opportunities. From there, they built an engagement minutes architecture in DemandbaseOne to reflect the customer journey – with stages based on the different types of account engagement. DRA analyzed data collected by DB1 (includes selected SFDC data) to parse out insights for campaign responses and opportunities created. Setting up a Business Intelligence dashboard helped to understand how quickly and efficiently accounts were moving through the funnel and what activities were driving the most engagement. The Business Intelligence dashboard helped VMware Tanzu identify clustering of activity by multiple personas in an Account. This has helped Tanzu to focus on clustering of multiple persona activity (buying team) improves alignment to identify higher quality Account candidates for sales follow-up over the traditional MQL model.

“Digital Reach Agency (DRA) has been a strategic partner to the VMware Tanzu Account-Based Marketing Team for the last few years. DRA has also helped our team establish and scale our MarTech tooling, ensuring it evolves with our business objectives. They are a wonderful team of professionals who add value to any organization they are involved with.”