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Cross-platform ABM strategy led to a 290% increase in pipeline.

VMware Tanzu helps platform teams simplify accelerated app delivery so developers can focus on building apps. DRA’s custom ABM strategy elevated VMware Tanzu’s marketing efforts to drive pipeline growth and boost qualified leads.

“As a long-standing client of Digital Reach Agency, I can attest to the significant impact their work has had on our business. Their professionalism and commitment to helping us reach our goals and full potential are unmatched. They took the time to understand our unique business needs, industry dynamics, and customer profiles to design a custom ABM strategy. Working with them not only elevated our marketing efforts but has directly impacted our bottom line.”

The results

DRA’s initiatives helped VMware Tanzu achieve 535% increase in opportunities via paid media efforts, resulting in a 290% increase in pipeline influenced from target accounts YoY. DRA also supported VMware Tanzu in attaining a lower-than-industry-average cost-per-lead and increasing market penetration with target accounts.

increase in
opportunities YoY
increase in pipeline
influenced YoY

The challenge

VMware Tanzu came to DRA with a directive to implement a full-funnel paid media campaign strategy across multiple platforms in just three weeks. As they were transforming their sales motion, they needed a paid media strategy that could help enhance visibility across several different products and solutions, while also driving engagement with key stakeholders at target accounts worldwide.

The solution

We teamed up to build a paid media infrastructure that effectively nurtured leads from target accounts, providing visibility and engagement with solution-focused ad content. The campaigns focused on four platforms — Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X.

As part of our commitment to our clients, our team met VMware Tanzu exactly where they were and used our expertise to innovate and implement solutions to get incredible results. We worked to understand their needs and provide real-time reporting that helped improve performance over time.

The method

We worked diligently to fill the gap and become an extension of the VMware Tanzu team to get the multi-campaign strategy implemented successfully. 

With a tight deadline and a massive project to conquer, DRA’s internal team collaborated to create a sequential retargeting program across four platforms. We presented VMware Tanzu with multiple options and narrowed our focus to one method.

Our approach was substantial, creating paid media campaigns from the ground up that drove engagement with stakeholders at targeted accounts. Each geo campaign was then constructed into smaller segments for personas and ad type, adding more ad types as we continued onward in the funnel, resulting in three different ad types for the engaged audience. 

DRA worked closely with VMware Tanzu product experts to identify keywords and personas specific to each of their solutions. From there, DRA built a cross-platform paid media infrastructure that served highly relevant content to identified stakeholders at target accounts. By evaluating performance and optimizing our ABM strategy, DRA continued to drive efficient, qualified leads that ultimately resulted in pipeline growth.