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DRA’s transformative landing page delivers 17% conversion

BHHC Landing Page

In an interest in driving more agents to get appointed with BHHC, we were tasked with creating an effective landing page to aid DRA Paid Media efforts. The page needed to provide a high-level overview of reasons why an agent would consider BHHC and get them to want to speak with a BHHC representative for more information.

The first area our team focused on was improving visual language and page layout. The existing page where traffic was being diverted to felt disconnected from the overarching BHHC brand. Further, the existing page felt geared towards rushing the visitor along vs providing them with the right information to relate with their needs. We restructured the legacy page’s messaging, extracting the most pertinent unique value propositions that were otherwise buried on the page. Lastly, we made sure to feature a testimonial section to show how other agents have had success with BHHC. In the end, all of our efforts resulted in a landing page converting at 17%.

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