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DRA’s solution to enhance customer engagement inflated RollWorks’ lead gen

We’ve partnered with RollWorks to integrate Drift into their website, aiming to revolutionize their B2B customer engagement. Our goal has been to to launch and optimize personalized, real-time bots to improve qualified lead generation, and ultimately enhance the overall website experience to align marketing and sales teams for better revenue growth.

“I love DRA’s execution with excellence. The team is really familiar with Drift’s backend and it’s nice knowing that when something is built, it’s built correctly. They’re super proactive in coming up with new ideas and they collaborate quite a bit with the Drift team.”

The results

Through our collaboration, RollWorks achieved impressive results: 3x more meetings booked via Drift than forms, $5M generated in pipeline at one live event, and Drift became their #1 source of pipeline.

increase in meetings booked via Drift compared to traditional forms.
in pipeline generated at a single event. Drift was established as the top source of pipeline for RollWorks.

The challenge

RollWorks needed a solution to enhance real-time interaction with website visitors and improve their lead generation and routing processes. Our challenge was to integrate a system that could meet these needs while aligning with their existing tech stack.

The solution

We recommended and implemented Drift for RollWorks in 2018. Our focus was on leveraging Drift’s chat capabilities and ensuring seamless integration with RollWorks’ tech stack for more real-time, contextualized conversations and effective lead qualification.

The method

DRA worked with the client to maximize keyword alignment to ad copy. Through frequent discussions assisted by analysis and granular reporting, (reports such as competitor analysis, geographic performance, keyword performance, ads, and extensions, and audience targeting) Digital Reach was able to have productive conversations with the client to understand the landscape and identify necessary changes.